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Legal Tax Optimization  

If you feel as though you are paying too much tax, trust your gut. Did you know that there are ways
to legally reduce your corporate tax bill? There is a significant difference between tax evasion and
tax optimization, and the latter is a 100% legal way to pay less tax. In fact, some entities are
exempt from paying tax altogether, which we will take into account when developing your offshore
expansion and tax optimization strategy.

Once we know more about your unique situation, we can craft a bespoke and 100% legal tax
optimization strategy that is in strict compliance with the law. Tax optimization is completely legal,
and is used by many entrepreneurs just like you to minimize tax payable while increasing business
cashflow and liquidity. Contact the tax optimization consultants at No Borders Founder today to
learn how.

Offshore Company Setup  

Ready to take your business global? Expanding onto foreign soil is challenging, with plenty of documentation to align and dotted lines to sign. But No Borders Founder proves that it isn’t impossible – and you CAN legally reduce your corporate tax bill while growing your wealth faster.We can even assist with moving your 401(k) or IRA overseas.

It’s important to understand that your offshore expansion strategy must be unique, and won’t necessarily comprise the same moving parts as its domestic counterpart. Let us take the burden of offshore company setup off your shoulders, so you can focus on getting excited for this next chapter of your life. We are familiar with multiple offshore jurisdictions, so we can help you choose the best place to incorporate your offshore company. This will all depend on your unique goals as an entrepreneur and business.

We will take into account your current life situation, citizenship, preferred places of residence, and more to create a unique, personalized offshore strategy on your behalf. From savvy financial choices to safe asset management, we will do whatever it takes to ensure you can enjoy the high quality of life you so deserve. All of this with little to no taxes. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to working closely with you to successfully incorporate your company offshore.

Offshore Banking

 There’s no better way to bolster your business on foreign soil than with an offshore bank account. Work with No Borders Founder to get your company and offshore bank account ready in record time. Based on your unique goals as a business, we can select your preferred location and jurisdiction together. From there, our offshore expansion consultants will help you compile and submit all of your offshore banking documentation online. We’ll also register with the relevantauthorities overseas and speed up the application process to respect your valuable time.


Dual Citizenship

Dual or second citizenship is a dream for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. If you want to live in a stable destination with lower tax obligations – and the opportunity to grow your wealth faster – contact our dual citizenship consultants today. Together, we can open up a wealth of new business and investment opportunities that single-citizenship entrepreneurs aren’t privy to. Some of the low tax countries our clients are moving to include Dubai, Portugal, the Cayman Islands, and beyond.

We will work closely with you to understand your second citizenship goals, helping you pinpoint and choose a location with attractive exchange rates, a stable market, neutral time zone, calm political climate, and more. Many entrepreneurs and investors choose to obtain second citizenship in countries they find themselves traveling to frequently, thus eliminating the need to repeatedly apply for/renew visas. We will help you select a nation that welcomes citizens from all over the world, so you can start taking advantage of all their country has to offer business owners like you.

Overseas Investments

Are you considering investing offshore? Many savvy entrepreneurs and investors look overseas to take advantage of different economies and geographic regions – and we can help you do the same. If your goal is to increase your earning potential, make bigger returns, reduce portfolio risk, and grow your wealth faster, contact Alexander Erber and his team today.

Keeping all of your money in one country is never a good idea. Once we understand your goals as well as you do, we can suggest the best places to expand your investments to allow for greater diversification spanning countries, industries, currencies, and asset classes.

It’s important to note that the wrong offshore investment decisions can incur high costs and unfavorable regulatory scrutiny. Thankfully, working with No Borders Founder can help you mitigate risk and grow your wealth faster.

We would be honored to be your partner in offshore investing done right, and we will start by helping you select a region where you aren’t a resident. We understand and respect your goals as an investor, and we are ready to help you take your money offshore with confidence.

Become A Citizen of the World

Digital Investments  (Crypto)

Investing in cryptocurrency can be an incredibly lucrative move for investors worldwide, but, sadly, there are countless scams online that could put your money at risk. As experienced and knowledgeable digital investment consultants, we will help you make the most informed decisions possible when Investing in cryptocurrency.

More and more savvy investors are choosing to invest in crypto to access a censorship-resistant and stable store of value. Crypto is quickly proving itself as a safe and reliable decentralized asset, freeing holders from the restrictions imposed by traditional financial bodies while maximizing your
chances of high passive income yields.

Work with Alexander Erber and his team of digital investment consultants to ensure you invest in the right cryptocurrencies with longevity and profitability. While cryptocurrency investment strategies do typically carry a higher risk and more volatility, we know what to look for in a crypto investment to mitigate loss. From understanding the buying, selling, and exchanging mechanisms to comparing roadmaps with developer activities, we spend a lot of our team evaluating crypto for the benefit of our partner entrepreneurs and investors. Contact us today for more.

Residence by Investment

It’s true, you can pay your way to prosperity and privilege. Otherwise known as golden visa programs, Residence by Investment (RIB) is smart way to use your wealth to fast-track your road to dual citizenship. Residence by Investment schemes are typically reserved for wealthy investors who typically have a minimum of $1 million to invest. However, this amount depends on the county you are hoping to obtain second citizenship in.

Work with No Borders Founder to walk the faster road to residency, so you can live and work in your region of choice sooner rather than later. Get in touch today to learn how you can start your Residency by Investment journey and take advantage of the many government programs worldwide. We can help you become a Resident by Investment under countless jurisdictions.

Citizenship by Investment

100s of wealthy investors contact Alexander and his team every year to leverage his broad experience in obtaining Citizenship by Investment (CBI). These Top 1% individuals rely on our expertise and deep experience to help them choose the best citizenship by investment programs
and earn the right to travel to their preferred destinations visa-free.

Citizenship by Investment is a wise choice for the future, and
No Borders Founder can help you fast-track your road to citizenship in your region of choice.

Our clients enjoy being able to take advantage of our unique position in the industry. We have spent years studying all of the current Citizenship by Investment schemes out there, and we stay on the pulse of new developments so we can advise and assist you in the best way possible.

Offshore Real Estate Investments

Looking to expand your investor property strategy? Many of our clients turn to offshore real estateinvestments to increase their wealth with low risk. When you work with Alexander Erber and the No Borders Founder team, we will take care of all paperwork on your behalf. We’ll start by getting to know your offshore real estate investment goals as well as you do, after which we can help you make well-considered and strong real estate overseas investments.

Perhaps you want to grow your wealth through capital appreciation, and hedge your investments in Pounds, Euros, or another strong currency. No matter your goals, we’ll walk with you through everything you need to consider when investing in offshore real estate.

Contact us today to start 
the journey.

Gold/Silver Depots International

From silver to gold to platinum, precious metals are recognized and hailed worldwide for holding long-term value. It’s no wonder investors are taking advantage of these commodities, and it’s no wonder so many of them work with No Borders Founder to make the most informed decisions
when choosing a gold or silver depot internationally.

We have all the right connections, in all the right places, to help you buy gold and silver from authenticated sources.

Contact us today to get started