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Unleash New Possibilities with Canada Citizenship by Investment: Your Pathway to a Diverse and Dynamic Lifestyle, Presented by No Borders Founder  

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No Borders Founder: Your Partner in Unlocking Boundless Opportunities through Canada's Citizenship by Investment Program

Picture yourself amidst breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cityscapes, and a cultural tapestry that’s as diverse as it is captivating. Imagine a life where world-class business environments merge seamlessly with a rich social scene and a wealth of cultural events. Welcome to Canada, a nation that’s as expansive in its opportunities as it is in its geography, and your future home through the Citizenship by Investment program, professionally handled by No Borders Founder.

Canada, a beacon for investor immigrants worldwide, boasts an impressive economic track record, often outperforming global benchmarks. With its cosmopolitan charm and family-friendly atmosphere, it has become a sought-after destination for those seeking to elevate their lifestyle and business prospects.

But the allure of Canada extends beyond its bustling urban landscapes. As the world’s second-largest country, it’s a treasure trove of natural resources, boasting the third-largest oil reserves globally and the fourth-largest supply of fresh water. The fusion of abundant natural resources with robust economic potential makes Canada a hotspot for savvy investors seeking growth and stability.

Embrace the remarkable opportunity presented by the Canada Citizenship by Investment program with No Borders Founder. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to transforming dreams into reality, making global citizenship accessible, and personal and business growth attainable.

Through a comprehensive and transparent process, we navigate the intricacies of the Citizenship by Investment journey, ensuring your pathway to becoming a Canadian citizen is smooth and rewarding. Under the guidance of No Borders Founder, your investment will open doors to a prosperous future in a country that offers unparalleled lifestyle and business opportunities.

Become part of the Canadian narrative, where diverse cultures thrive amidst stunning natural beauty and economic vibrancy. With No Borders Founder and the Canada Citizenship by Investment program, you don’t just gain a second passport, but a life of unlimited potential and opportunities. Join us on this journey and discover what it truly means to live without borders.

Elevate Your Global Citizenry: Embark on the Path to Success with Canada Citizenship by Investment Program, Guided by No Borders Founder

In a world that’s ever-evolving, the freedom to choose your path and destination is a priceless advantage. No Borders Founder brings you the golden opportunity to seize this advantage with the Canada Citizenship by Investment Program. Experience a journey that extends beyond acquiring a second passport – it’s about embracing a diverse, dynamic lifestyle filled with boundless opportunities in one of the world’s most prosperous nations.

Imagine the thrill of immersing yourself in Canada’s cultural mosaic, thriving business environment, and mesmerizing natural landscapes. This nation, renowned for its robust economy and welcoming society, could be your new home. With the Canada Citizenship by Investment Program, you’re investing not just in a passport, but in a prosperous future defined by growth, stability, and an enriched quality of life.

With No Borders Founder, you gain more than an ally – you gain a committed partner, proficient in navigating the intricacies of the Citizenship by Investment journey. Our team works tirelessly to provide a seamless, transparent application process, always prioritizing your needs and ambitions.

As your partner, we simplify your pathway to global mobility, enabling you to explore and tap into Canada’s thriving economic ecosystem. Your investment opens doors to a world of unparalleled business and personal growth opportunities, spanning the expanse of this diverse nation.

Let No Borders Founder guide your journey towards enhanced global freedom. With the Canada Citizenship by Investment Program, your dream of a borderless world becomes an achievable reality. Experience the transformation that comes with being a global citizen – the world awaits you.



Full Investment
Purchase non-interest bearing Quebec Government Bonds in amount of CAD1.2 million.
This is a government guaranteed investment which must be held for a period of 5 years.At the end of this period, the full amount is returned to the investor without accrued interest

*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Finance Option
Many financial intermediaries will offer one-time financing option which is estimated to be CAD350,000(non-recoverable)& will cover the full CAD1.2million bond purchase.

*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Investors & their family members are eligible to apply for citizenship if they live in Canada for 3 years out of 5 years (1095days) preceeding the citizenship application. However, it is necessary to resde in Canada for 730 days within 5 years period to uphold residency status.


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* Visa on arrival




CAD 350,000

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Time To Citizenship

12-44 Months

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Visa-Free Travel

185+ Countries

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Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 00 

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