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 Become a No Borders Founder ELITE Private Client

Qualify for the highest level of service from our CEO, Alexander Erber, our most senior strategy leader here to serve you with precision. Are you ready to map the road ahead on your journey towards becoming an elite global citizen?

For clients who demand only the very best, our Elite Private Client package is for you. As an Elite Private Client, you are guaranteed the most deeply tailored and immersive experience, while treating your needs with the utmost discretion and priority. As an Elite Private Client with No Borders Founder, you are always in control. Your convenience is our #1 priority, which is why Mr. Erber can travel to your home, meet at your location of choice, or even chat online via video call at
the times that suit you best.

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Uncompromised Access to ALL of No Borders Founder

Becoming an Elite Private Client with us gives you uninterrupted access to our senior team, led by none other than Alexander Erber himself. We understand that your goals as an ambitious world citizen are unique, which is why we’ll work with you on the most intimate level to create a bespoke blueprint to chart your flight ahead.

Unmatched Global Experience

Since our inception, we have partnered with hundreds of ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs and investors who know that there is more to life than paying too much in tax. We understand that you have dreams – to minimize your tax burden. To protect your assets. To grow your wealth and forge
a legacy you can be proud of. To travel the world and plant your flags in more than one country. Just because you were born in one nation doesn’t mean you are destined to stay there forever. However, expanding your global horizons calls for the expertise of industry professionals with a
proven track record for producing results for clients just like you. We know how to help you achieve your goals professionally and 100% legally, and our in-house senior leadership team will ensure bespoke perfection at every stage of the journey – with Mr. Erber at the helm with you in the
cockpit of your flight ahead.

We want you to be able to live, work, and grow in the places where you will best be treated. If you’ve ever wanted to live your best life, this is where the journey begins.

Elite Service for Our Esteemed Elite Clients

100% Confidentiality

Meet with Mr. Erber and his senior leadership team as per your unique preferences, be that in-person or online for the utmost privacy and discretion.

Priority Service

Get your tailored success plan in as little as two weeks by being pushed to the top of our priority list as our most esteemed elite client. Mr. Erber and his handpicked senior team will answer all of your questions directly, while sharing real-world stories and examples to fasttrack your road to success. By skipping the mistakes others have already made, you can reach your goals sooner rather than later.

Complete Exclusivity

Few entrepreneurs can afford the priority service that comes with being a No Borders Founder Elite Private Client. To be in the minority of VIP clientele and enjoy undisrupted access to Mr. Erber and his senior leadership team, click the button below to enquire about how you can become one of our most esteemed Elite Private Clients

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Please note that in order to qualify as an Elite Private Client, a retainer of $62.500 is required.