Perpetual Traveler – Why High Earners Should Consider Alternative Solutions

Perpetual Traveler Guide 2023 - No Borders Founder

No Borders Founder, Alexander Erber’s Perspective and Strategies to Minimize Tax Liabilities

Perpetual traveler or PT is a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular over the years. It allows individuals to live without a permanent home or country of residence, thereby maximizing personal freedom while minimizing tax liabilities. However, high earners face unique challenges in adopting this lifestyle. In this article, we will explore why perpetual travel may not be the best option for high earners, introduce No Borders Founder Alexander Erber’s perspective on the topic, and suggest alternative solutions.

Why Perpetual Travel May Not Work for High Earners:

High earners typically have significant assets, investments, and financial interests in their home country that are difficult to transfer or abandon. They may have extensive business operations, real estate investments, and other financial interests that require their attention and cannot be managed remotely. Perpetual travel can make it challenging for high earners to maintain these interests, which may lead to financial losses or missed opportunities.

Moreover, high earners have a higher standard of living that may not be sustainable as perpetual travelers. PTs often have to live a minimalist lifestyle and travel on a budget to minimize expenses. High earners may not be willing to compromise their lifestyle for the sake of perpetual travel and may find it difficult to maintain the same standard of living while frequently moving from one country to another.

Furthermore, high earners are more likely to attract scrutiny from tax authorities. Governments around the world are increasingly cracking down on individuals who attempt to evade taxes by exploiting international tax laws. The more wealth an individual has, the greater the scrutiny they are likely to receive from tax authorities. Perpetual travelers may find it challenging to justify their tax arrangements and prove that they are not engaging in tax evasion.

No Borders Founder, Alexander Erber’s Perspective:

According to Alexander Erber, founder of No Borders Founder, a company that helps individuals become global citizens, high earners should consider becoming global citizens instead of perpetual travelers. This means obtaining second citizenships and setting up businesses and investments in multiple countries.

Erber argues that global citizens can benefit from the different tax laws and legal structures in different countries while maintaining their financial interests and a high standard of living. Global citizenship also allows high earners to enjoy greater personal freedom and flexibility while minimizing their tax liabilities.

Strategies to Minimize Tax Liabilities:

In addition to becoming global citizens, high earners can work with tax professionals to explore legal tax planning strategies that can help minimize their tax obligations while complying with the law. They can also consider relocating to a tax-friendly jurisdiction or obtaining second citizenships to take advantage of the different tax laws and legal structures in different countries.


In conclusion, perpetual travel may not be the best option for high earners who have significant assets, financial interests, and a high standard of living that cannot be easily transferred or abandoned. Therefore, high earners should explore alternative solutions to minimize tax liabilities and maximize personal freedom, such as becoming global citizens and working with tax professionals. It is essential to find a solution that is legally compliant and sustainable for the long term.

If you are a high earner considering perpetual travel or looking for ways to minimize tax liabilities, No Borders Founder can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you become a global citizen.