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Does your lifestyle and business depend on one government to survive? This is no way to live.
At No Borders Founder, we partner with successful entrepreneurs and investors to help them
navigate international tax law and plant their flags worldwide. You may be surprised to learn just
how much more success you can enjoy in another country with second residence.

Our Offshore Expansion Services

Corporate Restructuring  

Is your business operating at optimal efficiency? If you can’t answer that with 100% certainty, now would be the time to consider corporate restructuring. While it might sound daunting, the process is miniscule compared to the infinite benefits you can expect to enjoy in the long-term.

As its name suggests, corporate restructuring is about making significant adjustments to the company’s operational or financial structure. While this normally happens when a company is undergoing monetary duress or when preparing for a sale or merger, any time is a good time to explore corporate restructuring and discover just how much better your business could be running, while:

Reducing costs

Introducing new technology

Using your talent better

Sharpening your competitive edge

Increasing your company’s value

Reviving a “dying” business

And more

First of all, it’s important to be aware of the various types of corporate restructuring, which include:

1.  Mergers and amalgamations
2. Financial restructuring
3. Takeovers and acquisitions
4. Buy-Outs
5. Demergers and divestitures

The length of your corporate restructuring process depends on several aspects, such as the size of the company, how much restructuring is required, and more. However, when you work with No Borders Founder, one thing is for sure: You can expect the very best corporate restructuring design that will set your company up for infinite prosperity – now and in the future. All we ask is that you remain patient. Positive corporate restructuring outcomes take time, and proper planning and implementation are crucial.

To get the process started, start a conversation with our
global expansion consultants

Offshore Expansion NoBordersFounder

Offshore Company Setup 

Just because you were born in one country doesn’t mean you’re destined to dwell there forever. In fact, you should be exploring the exact opposite. How hard have you worked throughout your life, only to see upwards of 50% of YOUR hard-earned money go to some faceless taxman? You deserve better.

Work with No Borders Founder to start an offshore company – a smart way to lower your taxes, protect your assets offshore, and enjoy the endless benefits that come with having second residence in a country where you’ll be treated better than you can ever imagine.

There are infinite benefits to starting your company offshore – no matter the nature of your business – including:

Pay Less Tax

Legally escape your government’s unfair tax demands and bring your tax obligation down to single digit numbers. Growing your empire is hugely reliant on your income, and a heavy tax burden can seriously hinder your ability to scale. Together, we can shop around for the most attractive tax rates offshore, and ensure you pay a mere fraction of whatever you’re paying in tax now. And yes, before you ask, it’s 100% legal. There is a HUGE difference between tax OPTIMIZATION and tax EVASION. We’ll never encourage you to engage in the latter. We will help you follow the rules of both your home country and the nation in which you want to expand your business, helping you stay compliant while ensuring you make the most of the offshore tax benefits available to you.

Protect Your Assets Offshore

Life is unpredictable, and your assets should never face threats like political unrest, litigation, inflation and hyperinflation, and more. Together, we can compile the best blueprint possible to protect your assets offshore . In fact, throughout our years of experience, we’ve found that setting up a company offshore is one of the smartest yet simplest ways to protect your assets. After all, those crazy ex-business partners, ex-spouses, and more will have a much harder time coming after you if your assets are protected thousands of miles away!

The best part? You can register your company offshore 100% remotely. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the seat you’re in right now, and you’ll never have to worry about international tax law compliance. We’ve been in the game long enough to know these laws like the back of our hands.


How Does it Work in the UAE?  

In many nations worldwide, you’ll need to work with costly lawyers and tax advisors to start your offshore company setup journey. Things are much easier in the UAE, and NBF will walk by your side every step of the way. In collaboration with the most seasoned specialists nationwide, we can organize, build, and implement your entire offshore expansion strategy on your behalf.

While taking your company offshore might raise red flags, it’s not as illicit as the media makes it out to be. Remember that these people are fearmongers and experts at shaping the narrative they want you to believe.

In reality, thousands of law-abiding entrepreneurs and investors have set up companies offshore and are enjoying the infinite benefits thereof. Now, No Borders Founder can help you do the same.

All you need to do is start the conversation with our global expansion consultants. We’ll be ready when you are.