About  Dominica Passport

Dominica is a commonwealth country in the West Indies. The capital, Roseau, is located on the western side of the island.

The Dominica citizenship by investment program has been in operation since 1993. It is considered the most cost-effective Commonwealth Dominica passport program for a single applicant in the Caribbean, with the Government donation amount starting at USD $100k.

Dominica is positioned between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, roughly halfway between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. One can reach the island from the United States and Europe by short stopovers in Antigua (ANU), Barbados (BGI), Guadeloupe (PTP), St Maarten (SXM), Puerto Rico (SJU), and Martinique (FDF).

Processing time to obtain Dominica passport is 2-4 months. Dominica’s citizens enjoy the comfort of traveling to 144+ countries without the need for a visa, including major business hubs in Europe (Schengen), North and Latin America, as well as Asia, making Dominica’s citizenship an extremely attractive choice. Applicants and their dependents are not required to live in Dominica to obtain citizenship, nor attend any interviews – meaning you can apply for and receive your Dominica passport without having to relocate your entire family or renounce your original nationality.

Individuals applying for the Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program can make their financial contribution one of two ways:


Economic  Diversification Fund

  • The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) supports public and private projects within Dominica, covering industries such as education, healthcare, sport, and tourism. A single applicant must contribute USD $100,000 to the EDF, though fees will increase if they wish to apply for additional dependents to join them in Dominica.

Real  Estate

  • Real estate is another investment option for Dominica CBI applicants. The property must be held for at least three years and be authorised by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. There are currently (as at March 2020) seven approved real estate investment options. The investment must be valued at a minimum of USD $200,000. Government fees starting from $25,000 per applicant also applies.



Contribution to Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

  • For a single applicant: US $100,000 non-refundable
  • For main applicant and spouse: US $175,000 non-refundable
  • For main applicant, spouse and two children: US $200,000 non-refundable

*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Purchase of Government-Approved Real Estate

To qualify for citizenship of Dominica under the Real Estate Option of the Citizenship by Investment Program, an applicant must purchase authorized real estate to the minimum value of USD 200,000, which may be resold after 5 years.

*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Step 1

Client chooses either investment or donation option. Client signs the No Borders Founder contract, and pays initial retainer.

Step 2

No Borders Founder assists the client to gather all required documentation, and to complete the various Government application forms for submission to the CIU.

Step 3

Second payment is made, and file is submitted.

Step 4

Issuance of Approval letter by the CIU (Citizenship-by-Investment Unit), third payment is required immediately.

Step 5

Naturalization certificate is issued

Step 6
No Borders Founder client passport(s). Passport can be either picked up from No Borders Founder office or delivered to clients home address, (locally or internationally).


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* Visa on arrival




USD 100,000

Annotation 2023 02 15 221906

Time To Citizenship

3-6 Months

Annotation 2023 02 15 232904

Visa-Free Travel

150+ Countries

Annotation 2023 02 15 233012


Investor, Spouse, dependents up to age 30 and parents of main applicant

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